Teaching at Art and Soul

I taught one painting class at Art and Soul on Friday called, "The American Still Life".  It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g....really.  Truly.  Like puffy heart awesome.  I want to go back....now.

So, "the American Still Life".... I called it that because as a general rule my own personal work is like a giant still life painting of all things American.  I don't know if you realize this or not, but 90% of the images used in my paintings that are more "realistic" in nature have been photographed by moi.  I in fact set up a "still life" with a truck, camper, bike, or boat.  It's fun.  It's like I lay the composition out through the viewfinder on my Canon.  So this was the background to the class and the description on the website.   Anyhoo, back to the class which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  Seriously.  First of all, by the time I got to the room at like 8:30 half the class was in the room and ready to go!  I LOVE that!!  I'd also met a few registering that were grinning from ear to ear ready to start the day.  So how could it possibly had gone bad with that much happy energy in the room?
Since the class was full I'd already prepared the wood with black primer.  Which I think shocked a few classmates, well actually most of the class.  I talked about this and that, and am pretty sure I got teary because that's what I do when I talk about my work.  And let me just address that for a minute. Because I felt like a total goober as I was half talking and crying.   But then later that night I thought this, if I didn't cry when I talked about my work then ya know what, I shouldn't be doing it!  Now I know not all are blubbery criers, but honestly if creating your art doesn't make you "hear the angels singing" or get a little emotional when discussing it, then it's just not your thing.  Move on.  Find the one that moves you to tears.  And makes you hear the angels.  
Oh look...who's that darling artist below?  She's painting a photo I took of a toy camper in the small collection we have here at the Horne house.
I'd asked everyone to bring an American image that had meaning to them in photocopy form.  But I had also taken my personal files and printed them for use in the class.  I was tickled to see all the images they chose to bring and use!  Look at the vintage car below!!  We worked through a painting just as I do.  First tracing the image with white transfer paper.  Yes, trace.  Again, remember I am usually the one taking the photo or a friend has sent me an image to paint...so from start to finish it is an original piece.  Stop gasping.  And seriously, why re-invent the wheel?  After all the tracing was done I talked about paint, the palette choices out there and the style of my brushstroke.   I can't write it all down...spoiler alert for anyone wanting to take the next class!
Speaking of palette, Sarah here has the most amazing gooey yummy palette I've ever seen!!  And geesh she could paint.  And then I googled her.  See...good thing I didn't know about her wicked good skills before she got there or else I'd have been intimidated!  Cool fact, we were both in Somerset Home a few issues back!
 Recognize the truck below?  That's dear Ernestine.  She's my peep Laura's old truck. 
And the camper?  Well, they are always fun to take photos of on the side of the road.  One day I'll have my own to pose.
The day went by like a dream.  Everyone worked through their angst of the black background, especially when the "magic tool" was used and the final step was taken.  Oh, and I should also add that they each got a salvage wood frame, 16x20 to gently place their completed paintings into!  Yep.  I am thinking they all left feeling like the rock stars.  Most definitely.  Wouldn't you if you had this to show off for a days' work? AMAZING JOB LADIES!!!! 

I can not thank my classmates enough.  You all made the day special in so many ways.  I am beyond proud of you all!!  And as far as the entire weekend goes, well you'll have to wait and see.  We ended up taking 3 classes!!!!   It was the best Art and Soul I've been to yet.

And in case you are wondering, Mailey was like this little crazy charismatic person the entire trip.  I've got a whole blog post dedicated to it coming up later in the week.  I just wanted you to know in case you were wondering how that fared (she's not always easy peasy or pleasant).  Let's just say she'll be teaching at events like this before long....I am not fibbing. 

See you VERY soon.  I've got so much more to share about the retreat.  Wooohooo Art and Soul!!


Felicia said...

I so wish I could have been there - Girly, you are just going have to come and teach in Europe!!

nacherluver said...

Wow! Great job to all involved. I adore that your work brings you to tears. I adore even more that you bring it forth and share with others.

Christine said...

Each one is fabulous!!! Come west again, Jenni!!!! christine

Allison said...

Jenni -- Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful day (mine is the purple and green house)! I was so looking forward to the class and it was even better than I expected! You're a wonderful teacher and I appreciated your expertise and enthusiasm. I hope you continue to teach adults, as well as the kiddies. :) Your spirit is infectious!!!

Anonymous said...

I finally finished my vintage bicycle/explore painting! I truly loved your class and I was the 'whiner' in the back saying, "I have never painted with acrylics or oils before...." 'tis true and I LOVED every moment!
HIGHLIGHT Class of the Art & Soul-VA-2012!!

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