Dr. Suess Day

Today our school is celebrating Dr. Suess's Birthday!!  I can not WAIT to show you the installation of artwork we did based on several of his wonderful stories.  Seriously...like over the top installation in the hallway leading to the library.  I think I may have overwhelmed the librarian actually.  I giggled the other day while installing some of the work and said to the Principal that I just can not do anything small scale or 1/2 way.  I am either ALL out or ALL off.  The kids love it, I love it and I am pretty sure that Dr. Suess would love it too.
The photo above was taken in The Magic Kingdom.  There were these awesome pink puffy flowers growing on bushes all over that we all agreed looked like the Horton flower.  Mailey of course wanted one, and William being the sweet big brother just picked one right off the bush.  Seriously I thought the sky was going to open and we were going to be magically sucked out of the park and into Disney jail for this kind gesture.  But alas, we weren't and I got this fabulouso photo of Mailey holding it.  She kind of looks like she belongs in a Dr. Suess book with the clothes and blue nails, right?

Today she and I are in Virgina Beach teaching a class full of grown-up artists how to paint.  I am so glad she's with me to help.  She's excited too.  Very big girl thing to get to do...right?  And tomorrow we are taking a class together.  Puffy heart that!  So next week will be blog heavy on the Suess installation and our teaching and class taking adventures.  So get ready!!  See ya next week!


Christine said...

Have a fabulous time at Art and Soul!!!! I so wish Becky and I could be there!!! I hope you can come back to Portland to teach someday.....We would love to meet Mailey! Hugs, christine rohloff

Courtney said...

I would love to see the Dr. Suess instalation! We love Dr. Suess.
My Mom and I had so much fun at Art and Soul. I will be posting pics on my blog. I will let you know when I do. Thanks so much for a fabulous class!

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