Scattering JOY

Someone recently asked me what my motto on the blog meant..."scattering joy".  Well.  Quite simply put it means this. I believe that literally through my art, writing and teaching I scatter pieces of my joyful self to you.  Picture little drops of joy being sprinkle on you like pixie dust.  Cheesy, yep.  But honest.  I just can not help it.  My work has always been chopped ful of cheerful, happy images.  Simple images that represent a life that is by no means perfect, but is lined with hope and joy.  I can't even try to paint an icky somber image.  I have a hard time painting with brown and black even!  Although I do love a black outline.  hehe...So, I hope this answers any questions you might have had.  Because literally it is exactly as it sounds.  Scattering joy.  Try it.  I'm telling you it makes for a much happier life.

This particular painting was painted for a friend that decided to scatter a little of her joy on our family recently.  I have to say we've never had someone be so generous to us.  So in return, I scattered her right back with this painting.  I think she liked it.  I think I surprised her.  I think I like this idea of surprising people.   Maybe I'll try it again sometime soon.  :)  Whatcha think about that?

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nacherluver said...

I love that you love to scatter joy. What a beautiful act!

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