A Little Peek Outside

Spring is literally in the air in our region of the world.  Like LITERALLY...pollen has gently made it's mark on everything in site.  It's like we are in a soft green haze around the house.  I was on the back porch last night and literally could write my name on the coffee table through the green powdery ick!  Our black truck is now misty green.  Lovely, no?  But with this rather sudden jolt of warmer weather comes a few exciting behavior pattens.  And new vignettes to share.  This time outside.
So every spring I notice a few behavior patterns I'd like to share with ya!

1. I get CRAZY clean out the house throw everything away in site and clean, clean, clean mode. I have energy upon energy. In fact Thursday night after working all day I came home and cleaned for 3 hours: the 2 fridges including freezers, organized the pantry goodies, organized laundry room...etc...etc...making you tired yet?  (I also made a pan of brownies and grilled steaks for kiddos and I)

2. I watch little to noTV at this time of year. I guess my winter hibernation includes a bit too much so come spring I can not stand it to even be on. So don't ask me about any show episodes, I've not seen them.
3. I get the itching to work in the yard. And set up pretty little vignettes. And plant pretty flowers. Now at the old house I had 16 years of planting, growing and manicuring. Grass...we had weeds galore. But flowers...it was amazing what I could get to grow in red clay. Friday afternoon I ran to Home Depot to find the most spectacular snap dragons ever. PINK...my new favorite decorating accent color no doubt.
The urns below I'd purchased earlier in the week from Michael's.

Since moving into the house I knew I wanted urns.  Don't know why really, just did.  And I'd looked and looked.  Urns, like outdoor furniture I have found, are seasonal items.  We moved at the end of the season I suppose because none were around in September. I happened to find these at Michael's the other day while not even looking for them!  They were the exact shape I wanted and 40% off...caaach-ing!  Once I got them home though I really didn't like them, dang.  They added nothing to the personality of the home.  Hmm....could I paint them?
Heck yeah I can!  Friday we were off from school, yes I love this job!  So I set myself up with some paint that happened to be in the cabinet.   Two coats later and a little sanding they were ready for the new flowers!
I also purchased a wonderful hammered black spray paint for the light fixtures outside and flickering bulbs.  Billy's been out of town..... me and light changing is not such a great idea.  I thought about replacing the fixtures, but honestly I really like them, but want them black.  And a $6 fix is much better than a $200 fix no doubt!  We have a team coming to estimate giving the concrete stoop a stack stone covering this week and new shutters have been ordered.  This little house is slowly becoming a dream spot to drive up to!!
I can't wait to show off the new landscaping.  We are softening it up a bit...lots of ferns and varying greens and flowering plants for the seasons.  And I'm on the look out for a bench.  I love to vignette inside and out!  See you later in the week with some pretty paintings too.  I got the fever on that and finished up about a dozen.

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Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

SO pretty!! Makes me want urns now :)

I'm featuring this today!

Judy Bigg said...

Beautiful, great transformation on the urns. My daughter used urns on her porch. Thanks for sharing.

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