Happiness..A State of Mind

I have bought a nice amount of clothing from this amazing company over the past year.  Love the patterns...cut of the clothing....and the feel good manner behind the business.  In fact, a recent order took a wee bit too long to get to me so they sent me a gift card to apologize for the lengthy delivery of my skirt.  Seriously?  Who does that?  I wasn't even upset I was just checking on it because it wasn't like their delivery to be so long and I figured it was headed to my old house by accident.  Ahhhh...Boden.  So when this catalogue came in the mail I had to tear the cover off and place it in the studio.  A little gentle reminder.  That if I'm not happy, well my paintings aren't happy.  Period.  That's how it works for me.

Speaking of being happy, I know that when it comes I better just ride the wave.  I'm not talking about a freaking roller coaster of emotions, I'm talking about the creative mojo happy wave.  I get on that wave and ride it out.  Then paddle back out and wait.....then ride it back in.  And so it goes.  And pray that A.  I don't get bitten by something waiting, B.  land the wave in a not so fabulous wipe out and C. never find the wave to begin with. 

Okay, enough with the cheesy metaphors.  Here's what I am saying.  Right now, this second I am a creating maniac.  And I'm not letting fear, or the whattheheckyadoing monsters get in the way.  I'm finding a rhythm with creating, working and mothering (and wifing, but that's a weird word, right?).  It's a like this amazing veil has been lifted.  And perhaps it's the happiness, yeah....probably so.  But things are falling into place nicely and I can not wait until the Acworth Show coming up in April.  So get ready....and put it on your calendar!  Because I've got a slew of new work to sell.  All very reasonable and all very fresh....and HAPPY!

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