Studio Overhaul: The Reveal!!

I was tidying up the blog the other day when I realized I'd never posted this blog post of the studio!!   Evediently it was lost in the shuffle and I'd never dated it.  Huh...Well, better late than never, right?   

So here it is....my little slice of heavenly creativeness.  There's not one part I'd do differently.  The only other detail I have left are white curtain panels to hang at the doorways.  But upon second thought think I'll just leave it open for now.  It's also my little Nikefit room so I need to be able to run in and out upon command of the very fit lady who orders me around from my iphone..  hehe...
Twinkle lights and paper lanterns help disguise the exposed ceiling.  I've got the studio broken into work and chillax zones. 

 Lots of favorite goodies surround me in the space.  I've started a toy camper collection.  Aren't they cute?  And my children's art adorns most of the wall over the sofa as well as other trinkets of note.

Seriously I'd kiss the porcupine Mailey made if it didn't have so many toothpick spikes!  I've never fired this and hope to goodness it hangs in there forever as greenware.  Because he makes me SM ILE!!  And look at the green clay dragon trying to get in the photo!
Oh, and there is always an extra 4-legged animal in the studio with me.  Whether it's Lily, Ellie below or Graham Cracker (the evil side-kick).  They love it down there and fight over the pink sofa.

So this is the main studio area.  Though the open door on the right of this photo I have set up an fabulous jewelry making station, workshop for wood stuff and prepping panels and the heat pressing table.  It keeps the really messy stuff out of my pretty room.  All the photos seem a little fuzzy to me now that I am peeking at them but think it's the yellow walls.  That color plays havoc on my camera for some reason.  And there's not much natural light unfortunately.  But you get the idea.  It is my favorite spot in the whole house.  Best part is it's right in my home. 

I AM having studio paint-in's soon.  Just like the little workshops I teach at Art and Soul.  Too many of you have asked for them for me to not just do it!  And now that the room is ready how fun would that be?  So be looking for a Saturday workshop very soon.  And then in the summer during the week.  It'll run all day and include a lunch made by me.  Because I luv to cook too!!  See you soon I hope right in the yellow room.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!! Count me in for any workshops!!! Can not wait! xoxoxo

backhomeagain said...

Wow, I am so inspired to get in my basement and get busy. I too have a basement studio with an open ceiling {love it} but my cement floors have been a challenge. Can you tell us more about what you did with your floors? Congrats on a job well done!

Jennifer Taylor said...

Gosh I wish I lived close to you. I'd love to participate in one of your workshops. Your studio space is so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

I'd love to do one of of workhops also! I am not that far away, near Nashville :)

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