Little Paintings

A few months back I ordered all the canvases for the 52 Canvases project.  You know I have that buying in bulk issue...and since I knew I was painting 52, decided to just buy them all at once.  I also tacked onto the order a few in sizes 6x6 to 8x10.  I never paint this small.  Ever.  It's actually harder to me for some reason to think in small compositions.  But alas, show season is creeping FLYING upon me, so I gotta do what I gotta do!  Here's just one of the dozen I've gotten finished:

The fun part of painting with encaustics is the playing part.  I'm not very versed in this medium, but I do like the vast techniques.  I can carve, mask, layer, paint, scrape and more!  It's fun.  But I am finding that the common thread I like to weave is getting a little unwoven with all this playing so soon I'll be back to my old ways.  It's been a wonderful break from the regular painting though.
Speaking of regular painting........all my real paints have been at school for 2 weeks.  We (as in ME and every student in the school) are doing a humongous art auction undertaking.  23 paintings are almost done.  You are going to flip out when you see what ALL the students made (you may even want to plan to attend our Spring Fling to bid on them)!!!!  So when I get my paints back, I guess that's when the encaustic playing will cease.  And I'll show off our paintings.  See ya later!

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Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

I am loving all of the new art Jenni, and that that you are working with encaustic - it makes the end project so vibrant and full of texture.

Isabel said...

Im loving all the new paintings:O) I will have to try working with Encaustic painting one day, love how the paintings have texture and dreamy look LOVE

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