An Orange Sparkle in Her Eye

Sometimes I do things that totally embarrass my kids.  Like dancing in the car...singing in the car or other places of public view.  In my defense I danced and sang on stage many times solo the first 18 years of my life.  But I suppose the styles have changes a bit since 1990?  Anyhoo....I loved the orange glasses above found in that awesome chick store Claire's.  Add a little sparkle to my eye and voila!  You've got one jazzed up Momma bear.  Who thinks she's cool, but maybe not to a 10 and 12 year old.  Yeah.  5 years ago they'd have loved Momma in orange glasses.

Things are shifting in the Horne house.  William is as tall as me and his voice has changed.  All his friends are jealous because theirs have not.  He's also skinny as a rail.  And obsessed with 6 pack abs.  Were 12 year olds obsessed with things like 6 pack abs back in our day?   And clothes....lawd that child is so Mr GQ with clothes and socks (not so much about brands thank goodness just about looking good).  We even iron t-shirts.  And socks and tennis shoes must match the outfit for the day.  He also has more of a social life than me.  I dropped him off at a sweet 13 year girl party Friday night.  Yep.  Boy/girl parties are on the rise.  And the fridge has 3 more invites on it for the next 2 weeks.  Geesh.

And Mailey....well she's a little bean pole with sassssssssy eye rolls and more giggly girlfriends than I have toes.  She was the child that I carried on my hip even when her legs touched the ground.  She's the child that never wanted Momma to leave her side.  That was a Momma's girl like none other I've ever known.  Until this weekend.  While on our way to a party she said, "Mom, are you planning on staying at the party?"  Me, "No, I was thinking about hanging at Barnes and Noble while you jumped in the sweat house. Is that okay?"  Mailey replies, "Yeah, I don't want you to stay."  WHAT??????  I mean, I wasn't planning on it, but still.  That was heart wrenching to Momma bear.  Sigh. 

Yeah.  Things are shifting in the Horne house.  My kids are growing into little teenage people.  I can already see the writing on the wall with Mailey.  It's not gonna be an easy road.  The eye's might get stuck in the roll if she doesn't watch it.  Just sayin'.  William on the other hand is so sweet and sensitive.  And although he's getting awfully big, still waits for me to come in at night to say goodnight.  Billy and I joked after watching Modern Family that we are on the 7 year plan.  But honestly, I've a feeling that in 7 years I'll be so happy for these 2 to be making a new life for themselves and scrambling to figure out how to live mine without them.

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