Paint Stick Installation

I was in Home Depot recently buying paint for our door and shutters.  Long story...I'd ordered new ones and then chickened out in the end.  They were costing us a fortune that really, just a gallon of paint coulda fixed my dislike of our current shutters with.  So while waiting I looked up and was like WOWSA!!! 
 No really....WOW out loud.  This has got to be one of the most clever ideas ever.  I wonder how many gallons of paint they stirred to get the assortment on the wall?  And not only that, but there were 2 of these displays.  Love....love....love.  Now it's got me thinking where could I install this idea in our home?  I was tempted to ask the paint mixing guy if he'd start saving me his sticks.  But then I didn't.  Anyhoo....cool idea I thought I'd share and let you ponder.  It's amazing how we artsy fartsy people see things in life that others don't.  The guy next to me for instance waiting for paint thought I was nuts for taking photos in the Home Depot.  (He told me this.  Really.)  After a second glance he was like, "Oh....that's what she sees."  And then he got it and said wowsa too.
By the way....it's the Peachtree City Home Depot I saw this in, in case you want to go take your own picture and say WOWSA in front of it too.   hehehe.....Have a great Friday!!!


Dianne said...

That's really cool! Would make a great rustic/whimsical backsplash... or even a small bar or taable top, covered in urethane... hmmmmm....

Diana said...

I wonder who did the display...was it Martha Stewart's or Home Depot's.
Pretty creative.

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