One Day Until Race

It's hard to believe that 12 weeks ago I signed up for my first half marathon.  This half if ya want to know that sorta thing.  It's been an exhilarating goal to achieve.  Despite the 6am Saturday wake ups for my long runs.  It's been a total personal goal setting adventure.  One that only I can control.  No one can run for me, right?  I've done all the training right here in my neighborhood, and a little in the one next to me.  See below...why would I want to run anywhere else?  It's so beautiful right here.

I've learned the hard way what works and doesn't for my body.  I've got it down to the right pants, socks, KT tape techniques, hydration drink (which is only water for me), right energy chews, right breakfast.... I've got it down now.   It's taken a few weeks no doubt.  After the 11 mile run I thought I had the flu/stomach virus.  When it happened again after the 12 mile run I decided to be more proactive in a recovery plan.  It turns out that is as important to my body as fueling before the race!  I've enjoyed watching my body grow into a runners body from the inside out.  Running for 2 hours takes not only physical stamina, but mental stamina as well.  No doubt I talk to myself the entire time...basically I tell myself I am a warrior and that I can do it!!  On a side note this training has been an awesome bootey weight loss program.  I've lost close to 2 sizes in my GAP britches.  So cool.  Quite the motivator to keep it up after Sunday.
I researched training plans and ended up buying Hal Higdon's Novice 2 App for my phone.  It was a wonderful training tool.  He talked to me during the runs, there is a place for journaling, keeps a music mix for you, and best of all, it tracked all the miles logged.  Geesh...I ran alot of miles in 12 weeks.
Personally I've run for 12 weeks very, very excited about what I was doing for myself.  Since going back to work I have zero time to myself.  Nights are insane at our house this year between sports, acting lessons and HOMEWORK.  If you've read my blog a spell you know I kind of need the me time.  I can not function properly without it.  It's one of the reasons I started to run, nobody could ask me questions, need anything from me, call me, or drive me nuts not doing what they were supposed to be doing.  It was just me, the road and my music.  Truly inspiring.

Now, there have been a few bumps along the way with injuries.  I've done a lot of foot icing since hurting it at school week 1.  And of course this week my knees have completely retaliated.  I am walking around like an old crippled woman.  Hoping these days off will help....I'm a tad nervous about the run Sunday because of the knees.  It came out of nowhere too.  Urgh.  Scratch that...I am a nervous wreck about the race now due to the way my knees feel right now.  I'd be so pissed honestly if Sunday they have to pull me off the course for not maintaining the 16min mile!
 Although there have been bumps there have been milestones as well.  Like running my first 10K!!
Along the way in the training I started to really think about the actual race day and how I was going to stop for water, or go to the bathroom.  So I simulated as best I could.  I didn't rent a porta potty and put it on the lake path, but I did run close enough to home should I need it!  I also set up a watering station in my mailbox.  This was the best idea.  It is an art learning to drink water and run without spilling it all over yourself!  I decided it was best to stop, drink and then run. 
So this is the app on my phone. Can't believe I'm showing you how slow I run...but I am consistent.  Although in the 10K I ran a consistent 10min mile.  They say adrenaline gets your pace a little up, and it was a flat course.  My neighborhood is anything BUT flat. The fastest mile I ran was 8:55.  Ironically it was the first day I ran in the program.  I suppose I was so excited about starting....It was by far the fastest run to date.  All the other runs are consistently 11:30-12/mi.  I'm okay with that.  As long as it doesn't get slower because they will pull you off the course if you run 16/mi.  YIKES!

Total miles run....drum roll please.....176.68 miles!!!!  Holy cheescracker indeed!!  I feel ready.  More than anything I am ready to get rid of these jitters.  I'm a nervous nelly.  Like hands shaking, crying at the drop of a hat nervous.  I suppose it's because I want this soooooo bad.  You ever get that feeling?  Want something so bad that you feel it in your bones?  That's me.  I was a ghost of an art teacher yesterday.  I was there...but not there.  I've not run in that many races.  I've been running forever, but never been that big on racing.  And this is a big one with 1,000 of runners.  I am number 1297.  Lucky number William says.

So wish me luck!!  I think I'm going to need it.  Although everyone says between the adrenaline and the crowds I'll be fine.  I'll know tomorrow by 9:30am if this is true!  I'll be posting pictures on facebook, so be sure to hop over and like me there to see my super cool neon pink ensemble.  I had an orange shirt, but due to the crazy drop in temperatures JUST for tomorrow (seriously what's up with that?  I've been training in 80'+ weather,  the cold will either speed me up or shock me into turtle mode).  I've got to wear a winter shirt which happens to be neon pink.  Cool right?  See you guys on the other side of 13.1!


Jenni said...

Good Luck on your marathon!
I love that photo of the path along the water, what a beautiful place to do your running everyday.

Melissa I. said...

YOU will be GREAT! You have to remember that you're not doing this for anyone but yourself! And, no matter what your race time is, it will be your personal best...for now. I have a feeling you will start doing more 1/2s! Even if you had to walk some, you'd still be below a 16 minute mile, so don't fixate on that. Believe it and achieve it. I know that is so cliche, but it's applicable to now. Praying that your jitters subside and that your knee warms quickly and behaves fluidly tomorrow! GO JENNI!!

Dianne said...

Best of luck! But I know you'll do great!

Jenny in SA said...

Goodluck.... know you will do it with your positive attitude xx

Felicia said...

Good luck! I'm wishing your knees well!

Artsy Matilda said...

Jenni! You will ROCK! No doubt about it! We're all pulling for you! Just put on your warrior hat and run. Sending gobs of good thoughts for a wonderful experience, a fabulous race and a spirited finish! I agree with William, you're a lucky number! And as you know, pink rocks! Stage fright is healthy, by the way ;-) You will be fabulous!

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