Musings From the Art Room

It's been a spell since I shared some art goodness from the under age 10 fan group.  These owls were made by my 3-5th graders in afterschool art.  Seriously, I wanted to keep them all!!

First we made pinch pots, then turned them upside down.  I taught them about the 3 S's rule for adding details:  score, slip and smush.  They were encouraged to add a nose, wings, big eyes, feet and if feeling groovy hats, suitcases and more.  I know these were a hit with the parents!
Above is Mailey's creation on the left.  She made a turkey....since she's a turkey and didn't want to follow directions.  Her BFF made the one with the suitcase.  I accidentally bought some metallic paint, which turns out makes clay projects rock!  Look at the blue one below.  That nose!  Ekkkk!!!
The bottom 2 were made by the youngest in the class.  I let them paint the owls any colors they wanted.  I found it interesting that the younger ones went all out with color and fun, where the older kids painted their owls more realistic.  Hmmm...I'm sure there's something philosophical about that.
 And this week the kids will be painting their clay PIGS.  Holy tamoly.....cuteness alert.  Like I said on facebook, this little piggy is very glad he came to art class instead of the market.  He got some cool stripey socks and tail!


Martina said...

Love these funky animals . especially the piggy! Am your new follower!

Dianne said...

They are adorable! Makes me want to take clay to my grandkids and sculpt!

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