Glass Baubles

In other jewelry news this is the assortment of goodies I'd ordered from over seas before deciding it was time to pair down the jewelry making stress.  The funny thing is I was simply looking for silver branch pieces to make bridesmaid bracelets when voila I had a cart full of pieces and parts and a huge vision.  This seems to happen to me when I get on Etsy while soaking in our fabulous tub.  How the two end up making me wipe out my paypal account I've no idea.  It's like a conspiracy. 

These pretty pieces came in the mail I guess 2 weeks ago and could not wait to put them together!!  They make the prettiest necklace statement....and below the bracelets will go with anything!  There's also earrings.  I know.  Somebody stop me. 
These will also be available at Marist Holiday Traditions.  Have I got you coming yet?  It'll be worth it!


Dianne said...

Love them!

Regina said...

These are beautiful! So bright and cheerful in all my favorite colors.

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