Soy Paint

Ok folks....I don't talk much in the blog about products I LOVE.  Perhaps I should.  I do have many go-to's in the crayon box.  Last week I was in Hobby Lobby buying craft paint for my afterschool kiddos.  I don't usually buy this type of paint for my personal work. It tends to be runny.  Although I've noticed on several of my favorite artsy blogs this very type of paint on their desks...hmm do they know something I don't??.....I tend to be drawn to thick, opaque paints though.  Thus why I steer away from the .69 asile.  Anyhoo...after buying the white 8oz bottle I needed these bottles caught my eye.  Of course.  Being artsy and all the labels got me.
Delta Soy Paints....I love, love, love you!!  They were $1.99 a bottle too.  Holy smoly folks!  The colors were so vibrant and yummy.  And with names like butternut squash and blueberry how could they not be.
So what was so likeable about them?  Let me tell ya.  First, I must say I paint on wood.  Craft paints are made for surfaces like this..wood, glass, etc.  I don't know how well they'd apply to canvas since I don't use canvas.  They did however work like a dream on my expensive Ampersand gessoed boards.  THe colors illuminated on the surface guys.  I like to paint in layers and with many colors at once.  Just look at the sky above the truck...and the truck!!  Oh man in person it is such a luscious rasberry.  The texture of the paint is hard to describe.  It just goes on effortlessly.  I can not wait to find more colors.  Hobby Lobby had just the 5 above.

So...there's my commercial for the day.  If you see then out there...try them!!  I hope you love them as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have seen these and been like hmmm I don't know...I paint on wood like you not a canvas gal! Anyways thanks for the push, I will have to fun out and get some today! Love your truck!

Dianne said...

Love the truck! I still love the consistency of my oils... I've just not been able to get used to liquid paints... I can't seem to get any depth out of them.

nacherluver said...

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

Regina said...

I just bought some of these after reading your post last week. I really like them. I may have to run back and get a few more colors. Thanks for the good tip.

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