i-Pad Cases

Yeah, sometimes I forget that I have this super cool printing system that makes me look real professional.   You see I ordered these i-Pad cases a year ago.  Made one for myself.  And that was it.  I honestly wasn't sure people would pay the $50 I need to charge for them.  But by golly my husband bought one exactly like these but solid black and he paid $55!  So last night in my sweatshop...hahaha....I made these 5 complete with fun vintage trimmed edges.  love...love them. 

These will be available for purchase at Marist Holiday Traditions THIS Saturday.  It's a great show.  So come on out and see me!

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Rocky Cross Studio said...

I would like to order some of these to put my artwork on! So you said you printed them ... ? They are so cool!! You can email me at rockycrossstudio@gmail.com!

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