Growing Old Together

We took this photo at a family wedding last weekend.  I just love it.  It was taken by our son, William.  Not a professional.  It's not been edited.  And I love that.   I love seeing all our extra creases and wrinkles.  They represent years of courting one another, of parenting together, being a legislator and legislator's wife, teachers to our own children and many others, surviving family ups and downs, it's all there in those deep creases.  Gentle reminders of our past.

I love that there's still a sparkle in each of our blue eyes.  Not just because they are quite blue, but because we still literally have that sparkle.  It's not always pleasant or easy to be married to one another, I'll be honest.  I annoy the stew out of him with my worrying.  He annoys the stew out of me with his calmness.  I guess we balance each other out that way.

Unedited, we are pretty good together.  Growing old together, deepening the creases.   Not worrying too much about the future.  Just living in the day.  Waking and doing it all over again.  A lovely way to be I say.

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