Joy You Give

Sometimes you meet people along life's path that come in and out of your life for different reasons.  I believe fondly in the theory that there are no happenstances.   I met sweet Dallas Nevins years ago, when she moved to Serenbe and frequented our store, The Vintage Flea.  She and her parents were great customers!  I'll never forget her energy at Camp Serenbe one summer when I took Mailey Grace to several day outings where Dallas was the ring leader.  In fact Dallas, we STILL have our bamboo walking stick with pink tissue mache and glitter.  It's a treasure!  She also is the owner of several of my paintings, including this favorite below.  (Which she tells me hangs in her work cube....I love that!)

So when she called this summer and asked if I'd help with a painting for an auction, I said yes.  Of course.  This is a special auction, for an amazing school....The Atlanta Speech School.    Much like the auction we held at our school in the spring, artists were asked to work with one class to complete a painting.  The paintings will be on auction at their annual gala in November.   Here's our finished painting below:
The quote says, "They will forever leave an imprint on your heart."  I  love the quote and think it fits well with the kindness shared in the school.  By the way, the heart balloons are filled with the classes' fingerprints.  The students helped to finish the sky and the hearts.  Such a sweet finished piece.  I can't wait to hear which family takes the piece home to enjoy for years to come.
Thanks again Dallas for allowing me the opportunity to share my gifts with your sweet children.  I look forward to next year.


Isabel said...

Love the paintings and I Love bikes:O)

Sharon Kopko said...

I love the colorful bikes you create!

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