Another Field Trip

On Monday morning Mailey came into my studio where I was busy working and said, "Mommy, where's our field trip going to be this week?" "Ooooo...Mailey I have a special place in mind for this week. It's called the Fernbank. " "When can we go?" "Tomorrow." Here's what the Fernbank is full of:

We had such a wonderful day in this museum. The best way for me to describe it on our way there was to compare it to A Night in The Museum movie. There was some disappointment that Sacajawea wasn't going to be there, and that it didn't come to life at night, but overall, the experience was first class. The new dinosaur exhibit was truly mind boggling.

Happy faces all around. After the museum we ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant on Ponce and hit Youngblood Gallery. Oh and ate fabulous cupcakes at Atlanta Cupcake Factory. So if you are looking for a days adventure in Atlanta, this has it all! Hope you are having a great summer too!

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