Walking Lightly

Yes, my feet are once again tickling the sand. I was walking lightly, mesmerized by the patterns in the sand made by those silly little seagulls. I studied and photographed these guys for awhile. I found that they are spooked by the slightest movements towards them. So the long angle lens was a must for this picture. I can't wait to translate this scene with a Mattie bird. Here's how it will go: Mattie perched atop an abandoned docking post, making new friends at the beach with all the seagulls. A new social circle for her. Everyone needs a friend at the beach!
They seem so regal, and yet my husband calls them raccoons with wings. Haha. They do seem to love the people food though!

This one obviously has not learned to read.


the camp said...

hey there! thanks for the kind comment on paper and stitch. i so love your little birds. i think i just favorited one on etsy this week.

and do youlive near tybee or just a vacation. we are wanting to do a couples vacation there in the next couple of years.

please keep in touch.

Estelle said...

Love the photo of your toes in the sand.

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