Isabella (The brides now have names)

You know how we are around this house about naming things. So if birds have names, then these ladies have to have names too. So I introduce to you Isabella. This photo is in the beginning stages. I got a bit panicked about the "Cinderella" blue background and sure enough, it had to be toned down. Ah, much better. Now all that is left are the flowers. I am off to tackle blondie for awhile before flowers. I wonder what Mailey will come up with for her name? I find that working on both at the same time gives them more of the same brush stroke.

Here's a close-up of the hair. I found a new texture medium that I LOVE! It dries in like 15 minutes as a opposed to my joint compound which is 24 hours.
I wanted her dress to look like fancy lace. I think the texture material, oil sticks and a little patience have gotten just that. Well, off to get the giant brush out and going again. See you later tonight..... maybe.

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