A Very Productive Day

Today was just one of those days. A day where things fell into place and I was able to achieve so much. It was a "yeah me" day! (I watch too much Disney to think of that quote.) William and Mailey both had guests all day, which was a huge bonus. I love to have friends over, especially low maintenance ones. So here's some of what I did creatively today: New jewelry for the Naked Art Gallery. I think I wrapped up about 25 pieces for Vero. These cool brushed metal pieces were a find on Tybee Island from the Fish Art man. Great find....great find. I have thousands of more little pieces, I didn't even make a dent in my collection.

In addition to the jewelry pieces I was able to get the brides finished up and stowed away, the studio cleaned up and ready for jewelry making, 13 boards textured and drawn on ready to be painted, the turtle tank cleaned (it stunk bad), jewelry items photographed, jewelry items inventoried, jewelry items emailed over to Vero, called the principal of the new school and got the thumbs up for afterschool art there, and managed to not loose my head during all this. All because the kids were entertained and I had set attainable goals for myself. Sometimes setting attainable goals, and not reach for the sky goals is all it takes to get through the day. I even managed to get to some of tomorrows goals.
So now I am free to watch After the Final Rose- love that junk TV. Such a guilty pleasure! Hope you had a productive day as well!

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Lori said...

Wow- awesome! I love "yay me productive days!"

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