Another Note from the 4th

Yesterday was such a great day. We started in Moreland eating yummy Southern BBQ, then hit the Newnan Square for Homeade Ice Cream and Market Day, took an afternoon nap and then went to be a part of the Newnan Annual 4th of July Parade. It was really a great day. See here my adorable family- Billy, Mailey and William waiting for our float to arrive. We've been a part of this particular small town parade since well before being in office, I think at least 12 years. I can remember William being a wee 6 months old for his first debut on a Republican float. He was of course wearing his wee-publican shirt I'd had made. This year I realized that my children are getting so big and can finally be a bit of an asset for my husband as seen here:
Mailey insisted on walking and handing out candy this year. Awwww.....I had a serious she's getting so big moment that of course I had to snap away (I probably looked ridiculous sitting on this huge float taking her pics, but I just had to!). Isn't she so cute handing out that candy? Those of you who really know Mailey really understand the enourmousness of this moment for me. (She's not on my hip guys......)

Anyhoo, I had to share. I was trying to keep it to myself, but could not help myself, really. Hope you had a great weekend!

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