The Task Ahead

This is me and my BFF from childhood Amy Hill Dickerson below. I believe this picture was taken on our senior trip to Destin, FL. Anyhoo, why a picture of her on my arty blog? Well, here goes the short version of a long story. Growing up we were peas in a pod. We took piano from the same teacher, sang together (amazing I might add!), had show choir together, Star Spangled Girls together, amazing trips together, ate lunch everyday in the same spot together, even had the same boyfriends (not at the same time). You get the idea. For our class Who's Who I was voted "Most Creative" and she was voted "Most Likely to Succeed". Hummm...At the time I'd never had art and she was of course going to succeed, but at that point it was unclear as to the what and how. Our classmates saw something in the two of us that perhaps we didn't even see in ourselves. And those silly little who's stayed in the back of our minds and laid heavy on our hearts for quite sometime now. So fast forward almost 20 years and here's how those little who's have panned out for us both. I am now a full-time artist! "Wow" is what most of my classmates say that have found me on facebook. Most say, "I never knew you painted." And Amy, well she's starting a BUSINESS! Yipee, skippee! In Nashville, Tennessee along with her sister-in-law Ashley, they are starting Wedding 101. It's an amazing concept. As a bride you would go to their space where soon to be thousands of wedding oriented businesses are advertising through displays, binders and wall hangings. It's a virtual wedding library. All the leg work is done and waiting for you to plan your dream wedding. Wow. I know. It's been an exciting and yet overwhelming journey for them both. Having been a store owner myself at one point, I understand their anticipation and wanting to have it all just DONE. So here's my part of the business.
Yes, these are as ginormous as they look. And there are two of them. And they are going to have brides on them. OH my. You see, I paint birds and little flowers and happy things. not that brides aren't happy, but they are people. With skin and hair and big puffy dresses.

Yes, that is a big canvas going into my house. Lots of paint will be consumed by it as well.

Thank goodness I bought an overhead years ago when I painted murals. These chicks would have been totally unproportioned if not.

And of course Mailey is making here own bridal party right along side of me. I set both paintings up so I can work on them at the same time. They are going to hang flanking the door to their office. I'll be posting my progress, and Mailey's over the weekend. I will not be working on anything else until this is done. So just be prepared to be humming "Here comes the bride" when you visit me here!

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