New Inspiration Board and Getting Organized

I've always said that my inspirations come from many places. From the side of the road, to an image in a magazine, I can always find images to spark my creative juices. Lately though, I've felt overwhelmed with all the ideas floating in my head, articles laying around and deadlines being over sighted. Serious overload. And I like to be organized, a trait many artists lack. So off to the thrift store I went seeking a large bulletin board. Voila, look what I found! This fabulous tack board from an old office cubicle. Quickly I ran to the local fabric supplier for a zippy new pattern from Amy Butler, some tacks and now I have it ALL where I can see it and be inspired. Oh happy day.

I stamped on paint chips "custom orders, upcoming, inspirations, and goals" and placed images in those sections to be even more organized. I can quickly change out the ideas as I need. Yeah!

New ideas in the works....more bikes on the horizon, an old jeep and some silhouettes. So how do you keep your ideas organized? I'd love to see! Have a great afternoon. I'm off to the studio to finish up some paper flowers in milk glass vases I found this weekend.


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