She's Always By My Side

This is dear Ellie. One of the four cats running a-muck in our home. I truly believe in a prior life she was an artist. She's ALWAYS on my art desk. And if she's not here, she's resting on a new canvas painting laying to dry on the kitchen table. Her girth makes a hammock effect in the canvas. Which although it makes my head spin, I have to giggle too. There's always cat hair in my paint, in the palette, on the computer keyboard, on the edges of my collage paper, tickling the brushes and of course all over the floor my feet rest. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. When the rest of the house sleeps away(like right now), she hangs with me. And talks, and pushes things around. So if you receive a felted bird or painting some extra fiber, consider it good luck. She seems to bring the best luck to my little art world. (A day later I see in this photo she's got her paw on Uncle Sam and I am pretty sure she's on top of Lady Liberty. hehehe At least she didn't eat them.)..

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