Friday Favs

I've been working on ideas for my blog lately. And one idea is to show some of my favs. Favorite things in the house, supplies, junkin haunts, artists, etc. So every Friday I'll be here to share a little with you! I hope you enjoy and get a little incite into why I create what I do. It's always nice to see a little personal side of those I follow. So here goes! I am a collector of many things. One of my favorite and most diverse collections is that of typography. I've always loved writing....so maybe this is where the love of letters comes into play. In my junkin' trips I am always drawn to the piles of old store letters, letterpress blocks, game pieces and more. So here is a peek at some of the words around my house (yes there are more......I had to edit down a little). It's always fun to see what words I can come up with when a pile of letters presents itself.
This is my collection of letterpress letters. I also have some super cool image blocks. I was a printing major in college. So these are really special top me. It's all our names.

Yes, I do have to remind my children of this. It's a fun addition to their bathroom.

Boy do I luv my Lily. These are old store letters perhaps? They are tin.

Nestled in with all the clay projects the kiddos have made, IMAGINE is made of plastic. I think they are old toddler toys because they can stack vertical as well.

I think these letters are some of my favorites to date. They are metal. I have ART above the door to the garage and HORNE above the front door.

In the kitchen window.....of course it says hungry. This is a mix of store tin letters and license plate letters.

So that's about it for this week. Come back next week for another sneak peek into my creative home!


Contessa Kris said...

I love all your words and details. Your house is beautiful! Love the shutters indoors.

Jenni Horne said...

Kris- Your painting is in that window sill. I wish you could see it in the pic!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the documentary "Helvetica"? I think I spelled it right. Very interesting movie. Julie (We met at the Marist show, when I was helping my sister-in-law with her t-shirts)

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