Friday Favs

So today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite FOODS. And of course there is a cute story to go along with my favorite food ever.......COOKIES. More specifically homemade chocolate chip cookies. I crave cookies, and most important, the cookie dough. I can eat a whole bowl of the darn stuff if given an opportunity to get away with it. My first real job was at the Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company in Brookwood Mall at age 16. Not that their cookie dough was any good, really it was yucky. But those cookies. Man, I think Suzan and I both gained 15 pounds working there. They are that good. So, back to cookie making at our house. As a general rule, when I have a craving for yummy dough and a few cookies, all I have to say is, "Kids, wanna make some cookies?" "Yeah Mom!!" And they both come running, jam their cooking stools into the tiny kitchen and wait their turns putting the magic ingredients into the mixing bowl. This week however, when I asked, "Hey kids, wanna make cookies?" This was my only taker: Yep. Lily was ready on William's cooking stool. So together, she and I made a yummy batch of dough (she got to lick the beaters since the kids were "otherwise engaged"). Onto the pan the dough goes.......

And out they come....golden brown after just 8 minutes. I ate my fair share of the dough, and of course the kids got a spoon hand delivered by Mom. Something about the texture and yumminess of the dough is my favorite part. Today the last morsel was eaten and William asked, can we make more Mom? I just looked at Lily whose ears went perky and laughed.
Okay, so seriously if asked my favorite food it would be homemade chocolate chip cookies. But here are some other favs:

1- meal to make for my family: my Grandmother's black gravy roast and mashed potatoes
2- fast food: sausage McMuffin from McDonald's
3- dinner out with family: Alfredo's Italian in Atlanta
4- food I think I could eat everyday that I can NOT cook: Thai
5- local haunt: The Redneck Gourmet- just about anything on the menu!
6- always in the fridge: lots of pickles and olives
7- favorite snack: riceworks/brown rice crisps/ sea salt flavored
8-favorite cooking ingredient: GOOOOOD balsamic vinegar

So there ya have it. Some of my favs. I am all about a yummy meal. And lately I've been really trying new things with the family and loving it. And I think they have too. Have a great weekend....and happy cooking!

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Pamela Holderman said...

those cookies look yummy and I had to laugh because I photographed and blogged about my dog in the kitchen today too... and your cupboards are beautiful - mine are painted dark and light green and distressed too. what fun!

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