Meeting a Stranger

Yesterday afternoon Valerie and I headed up the the Atlanta Merchandise mart for a little shopping for her store. It's the HUGE gift show right now. And boy do the vendors have amazing merchandise this year. The mart is the largest in the world....3 huge buildings with at least 15 floors each and a new west wing. Lots to take in, and lots to buy. Only buyers can enter, and since Valerie has kept me on the list for the Flea, I get to tag along and help her spend money, it's loads of fun. The other reason I really wanted to tag along yesterday was because I noticed on one of my favorite artist blogs, Kelly Rae Roberts, she was going to be doing a wall plaque signing at Demdaco. A lovely show room that represents her work. Now. Seriously, she is no stranger to me as my title eludes. I found Kelly 2 years ago when I left the Vintage-Flea to pursue art full-time. I was in the bookstore picking out some "inspirational" books to get myself started on this creative journey. That day I found this lovely book entitled, Taking Flight. And was immediately smitten with her. And have been following her creative flight ever since. Last year Demdaco debuted her line and I was thrilled for her. To see an artist succeed in this matter, especially one with as wholesome of heart as Kelly, you can not help but feel a part of her joy. This year the new line debuted and she was going to be here, in Atlanta, to sign a wall plaque and meet the merchants who purchase her line to sell in their shops. There were a few of us (um Tiffin and Joy) who were there simply because we wanted to meet......well an artist star. And let me tell you, she is just as adorable and genuine in person as in her blog and artwork. I had only the camera phone, but still, the moment is captured. Her work speaks volumes...you should go here now and see for yourself.
Today I am soaking it all in and reflecting. The Demdaco the showroom that is. I was amazed to find so many of my favorite artists right in that showroom. And the creative team does an amazing job of displaying the products. The products themselves really are beautiful. So yep, I am inspired to mush on and keep working towards the pinnacle that these lovely ladies have reached. Maybe, just maybe, my opportunity is around the corner. Just maybe.


linwood avenue said...

so much fun - still thrilled for you as i hope last night is just the beginning!

B said...

I'm fairly new to your blog but am finding your work inspiring, too. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for your work in 2010! B.

Ludid said...

yes, her book is wonderful. she will be in dallas this saturday; i hope i can go. i'm glad you had the opportunity to meet her.

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