Friday Favs

Hey again! So this week I want to share a few of my favorite TOOLS. You know, tools aren't just for men. I bet I know my way around Lowe's much better than my dear husband. Even though he calls the shiny red toolbox in the garage his, everyone in this household knows who uses the contents more frequently (and tends to misplace them more frequently too, oopsy!). Anyhoo.....who doesn't love a new cordless drill. Which has not left the kitchen island since I got it for Christmas. Love it. So does Ellie it appears. These are tools that I use in my artwork. The left item is a dry point needle. Originally I used it to etch into metal plates like Durer did during the Renaissance times. Being a modern renaissance woman, I use mine for carving into the goo on my wood before painting. Durer probably is rolling in his grave right now. hehehe... Middle is a new favorite, a wood burning tool. Which has never gotten to burn wood. It's used for line carving in roofing felt and soon into some wax. And last, the Dremel. Oh....the tools in my caddy for this could just about do anything. Seriously. Great tool for every artist. So many more....but these are the top 4 right now. BTW, the wood, roofing felt and goo also all come from Lowe's. I have a really big puffy heart spot for that place.
And lastly a tool that was not purchased at Lowe's, and really is not mine. I borrowed these from Valerie awhile back and said to her just this week, "I may need to think about paying you some rent on those letter stamps, or maybe just buy them from you." I really enjoy stamping. Not that I do that much, but when I find something I really like, and can combine it with my words, birds and nests, I am all over it. And right now I am all over these bracelet samples I made.

So here they are...ta da! Oh, and the fabulous mallet helped make these too, can't forget him, and I don't mean the rubber kind either.

So my motto of the year...be incredible and artsy mom. I am in love with this design, and have all sorts of ideas to make more. Just anxiously awaiting the blank ID tags to arrive. I plan to put all sorts of fun words on them. I'll be listing them in my etsy shop and will be sure to give you an update when I do!!


PiecesofD said...

Love those bracelets! I have a dremel plus attachments, a wood burning tool (that's never seen wood either), a caulk gun (for caulk transfers), 2 sets of letter stamps, hammers, bracelet and ring mandrels, bead spinner... oh yeah, drill, saw... lots of ther stuff... and if I don't have it, my carpenter husband does!

Ludid said...

perhaps i need to play some with the tools. i think it's awesome that you are using these tools and know them so well.

Jeanette Lyn Henry said...

I read about you today in a magazine and couldn't wait to check out your blog. Just wanted to say I really like your stuff and will definitely be back to check for updates! =)

Cindy said...

I love the bracelets. I am very drawn to stamping metal, too. But I have not done it! I'll have to just get one of yours instead.

Lori said...

Wow! How exciting Jenni!

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Jenni. Found you via Papernstitch. Your art is so sweet and so is your blog! Congrats on meeting Kelly Rae. I love her as well. Oh, yeah I also think the bracelet is very nice.

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