After I wrote the last blog entry I decided it was time for a new look. Yep. The blog needed an upgrade. So I spent a good part of this first day in 2010 doing just that. Sometimes cleaning out a closet, cleaning out the studio, or making a new blog banner is just what I need to feel "restored". I also cruised some blogs to find that I'm not the only one who reflects on the year, sometimes with a saddened heart. So, here are my friends ready to go to work for me. There are 20- 3" paintings on the desk right now, a puppy curled behind me snoring, a space heater keeping my 10 toes toasty, and a new i-pod drowning out the outside world noise. I find it harder to paint small. But, the show is called "Micro Love" for a reason! It's gotta be mirco art. So back to the brush and music I go.....Marie Digby and I have really gotten to know one another today. Hope you have a creative New Year's Day!


Lori Craig said...

Happy New Year, Jenni!

Contessa Kris said...

Looks like you are all set to get your ART on! I will do the same tomorrow. Today was a day of vegging.

When I do art I listen to either Norah Jones, Edith Piaf or classical music. Something that doesn't make me think too hard or sing along too much. That way I can concentrate!

Keep those tootsies warm! Happy New Year, friend.

Ludid said...

i love the banner. i am sure everytime i visit your blog i will read the words surrounding your banner for inspiration. have a great day.

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