PJ's and Poloraids

The year was 1984. It was a great Christmas. It was the year Molly got a Polaroid instant camera. We loved it. And how magical. Nothing like it still. You carefully place a box of film into the unit, press a button, and voila! A photo pops out. Wave it in the air a few seconds and the image magically appears in the black box. It took the crappiest photos, but what an invention. When it came time for me to create a series of paintings for the Micro Love show in Birmingham I immediately thought of that camera and how I could place little images in the 3" square. Below are what I am calling "Mattie's Scrapbook". Photos she's taken of her friends doing super fun things. She's not in one picture, because like a Mother, she took all the pictures. So enjoy! Okay, Mattie did not take that super great picture of me above. That's to show you how I came up with the measurements. Man, was I styling or what? Braces, GIANT homecoming mum on the shoulder, hair, weave sweater, elastic waist skirt.....seriously styling.

They are of course much better in person. I need to do research before buying another scanner. Seriously.
I used a new favorite tool for the lines. You'll never guess in a million years, so I'll tell ya! It's a wood burning tool!! I was so tired of paint pens and micro pens dying on me, and they are not cheap. This worked amazing. And had a lovely smell too. I only burned one finger in the process. Hehehehe.....
Here's a close-up of my favorite one in the batch. I used roofing felt for the base, so it has a rough texture base. Can't wait to drop them on Vero's doorsteps tomorrow!! The show opens February 5th in Birmingham, Alabama.
Oh, about the Pj's in the blog title. At bedtime last night I asked the kiddos to get Pj's on and hop into bed. I looked at Mailey and realized that she still had on the purple snowman Pj's from the night before. "Mailey, did you ever get out of your PJ's?" "Nope, and neither did you Mommy." "Well, I'll be, you are right." I'd been in my sleepy shirt and jog paints all day. Today, she's been in pink rendeer PJ's all day. Me, in my long sleeve sleepy shirt and jog paints. And no, I did not do any jogging today or yesterday. What a lovely two days it's been. Hope you've taken some time to stay in your Pj's this week!


Beth HF said...

Pj's all week here! In fact, Anna (who just turned 2 on Wednesday) will only wear her new PJ's that grandma got her....printed on the shirt..."What Santa didn't get me for Christmas grandma will" and there you have it!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Those look great! Super cute!

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