Snow Day!

At exactly 5:41am our house phone rang. It was the county calling to say that all Coweta County schools have been closed due to inclement weather. See the inclement that canceled school: I love my zebra rain boots. This snow is like sand really. Cold, sparkly sand. No snow balls or snowmen with this powder. We all bundled up, spent about 20 minutes outside, and now are in our various rooms playing. William playing wii in the den, Mailey playing Barbie in her room and me.....well I'm playing on the computer in my bed under the covers (Lily nestled up too in bed!).

This is Mailey's playhouse. I'd love to have a giant house just like this. Super cute. It'll be a long lazy day here. I plan to work on the studio. I've got a PILE of organizing to do. And as you know if you've read my blog in the past, I absolutely can not create unless all is in order. It's a really bad creative blocker for me to see piles.
I love this eagle statue. And in the snow, he looks extra important. Mailey let me snap one fun pic before heading in to warm her little fingers. The rabbit vest was mine as a child BTW. She loves it as much as I did. Well, hope you have a cozy creative day where you are!!

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