Art Camp Wrap up

Hey folks!  So the camp in the end was such an amazing time.  The smaller numbers was a blessing in disquise because I was able to bring some smaller projects to work on as the kiddos worked.  I also made all the projects they did, and am totally going to work them into this upcoming show.  Wait til you see my plaster houses.....Yep....Pretty excited.  I am totally on a happy creating roll......got my game back.  In fact, last night I stayed up until everyone was really snoring in the house working on projects.  It's funny how not a last minute person I am, and yet here I am one week away form my solo show deadline and I am having to pull all nighters!  I didn't even do that in college for Art History exams! 

But we are here to talk about CAMP.  So here's what we made this week:  10x20 canvas painting/collage of a whimsical house, plaster houses and oil pastel drawing of Charleston's famous Rainbow Row.  I had ages 5-13.  And yes, that does work fabulous having that wide a range for class.  We met 3 days in a row for 2 1/2 hours.  And we spent every minute working on just these three projects.  Everyone's Mommy was beyond squealy when they saw the plaster houses, I'd have been too.  :)

Here's a sampling of the whimsical canvas paintings.


These plaster houses were inspired by the class I took in Las Vegas with Stephanie Lee.  The kids had so much fun with the plaster gauze.  The best part was they were all able to do this entire project (minus some hot gluing) on their own.

I know....I know.....I just love them too! 

And lastly, the famous Rainbow Row in Charleston.  Above is a sample from my oldest child, below is the youngest.  I absolutely love both.

So, if you are interested in your child attending an art class with me sometime, please email me so I can place you in the special camper file.  artsyorange@yahoo.com

I hope you have a creative weekend!  I am off to a pool party with Mailey then I've got my sight set on going to the Atlanta gift mart to check out new product lines and get more inspired!!  I'll let you know how that turns out.....


Dianne said...

Wow... Such great work by your campers! Makes me wish I had gone to art camp when I was a kid.

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

that makes me want to go to your camp. SO FUN and SO neat!
have fun at the mart. i went yesterday. I'm always exhausted after.

Kelly said...

Hey - I live in Charleston! Those houses look great! I think your art camp looks like a huge amount of fun for the kids

gypsysticks said...

how awesome! the innocence of children's art is always so inspiring. Yay for rainbow row -- I used to live in Charleston!! :)

Suzanne said...

What wonderful art, and wonderful colors. I bet they inspired YOU!

Anonymous said...

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