Going on a Journey

I love a journey.  Seriously.  I can journey through blogland and be transported all over the world.  I can journey in my little orange van to adventurous places.   And I can journey through this art career.  And seeing how far I can go in one day isn't a challenge, but a rather an exciting part of being a creative type.  So whether it is a physical or a mental journey, being able to take the good with the bad is all a part of life.

And right now I have some bad news in my journey.  The Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, which is hosting my Solo Show, is moving the gallery.  This is very exciting news.  It's a great move for Vero.  But the moving mentally and physically is just too much for Vero right now.  We've moved my opening date now twice trying to accommodate the move, but this morning I put on my "big girl panties" and said,  let's just cancel for now.  Yep, I said it.  Huge sigh......  I am beyond disappointed right now, but know that this journey does not have a dead end.  And hopefully we can reschedule for the spring.  The bright side, I am WAY ahead with original paintings.  And think maybe I'll fill up my etsy shop next week. (this week we are headed to the beach..yoohooo) 

So, what's your journey like right now?


linwood avenue said...


sue said...

It would be awesome to see some of your originals in progress - begining,middle,end. Also would you ever consider do an online painting class? I just took a two hour painting class with an artist. It was so fun.

michelle allen said...

hi Jenni! it was great to meet you too. your work is so fun and your kiddos are darling. i love that blogs exist and that i have a bit more of a glimmer into your life now :)

sorry to hear about your show. :(

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