Strength, It's Here

 I've mentioned before that I truly believe people come into my life for a specific reason.  I don't believe in chance because I know that crossing paths with everyone I come into contact is a part of the bigger plan.  These intersections continue to amaze and shape my character.  And this week was no exception.  From my adorable and very creative art students, to the new friends I made just last night, my life will be forever changed because we have now crossed paths.  And I am very thankful that these people became a part of a "series of events" as I like to call it......events which now have my strength renewed and my creative spirit in overdrive.

So, I know you are wondering why I'm spilling all this fortune cookie therapy stuff.  It leads to the first of the series of events....a fortune cookie that is.  For some reason, I tend to get really thoughtful fortunes in my cookies, and Thursday night was no exception.  It read, "Investigate new possibilities with friends.  Now is the time!"  I tucked it away into my wallet with the rest and smiled as I pondered these new friends I was about to meet.   

Friday during my art camp Valerie texted me some pictures of fun new finds she bought at the mart.  Immediately I knew the artist behind the most adorable cupcake line, Lisa Kaus!  (I have been following her work for years and took a painting class at Art and Soul Las Vegas in February with her.)  So I emailed Lisa Saturday morning and told her Valerie had picked up her line, that I was headed to the mart for the afternoon, couldn't wait to see it for myself, how tickled I was for her, and was she in Atlanta by chance?  Well, wadda ya know, she emailed me back and said to text her once I got to the showroom and she'd say hello.  Yeah.  You creative types out there know exactly what my tummy was doing on the way up.....butterflies.  I mean, this is an artist I respect, look up to and have followed as a model for my own creative journey for years.  So saying "HI", was sorta like my daughter Mailey meeting Selena Gomez.  Upon arrival I do gush over her line at Demdaco.  Seriously, cuteness is oozing from it.  And I'd have fabulous pics, but blondie here forgot to put the camera card back into the camera.  So I asked what her plans were and was she planning to walk around anywhere, she said yes Handmade, I said me too, and we were off.  The conversation was so easy, like she and I'd been friends for years.  She's just like that I think.  We spoke to several of her art peeps, I saw several art peeps too and the next thing you know Michelle Allen, a Lisa peep asked if I was coming to dinner.  Well, if you don't mind I'd love to!

So here's who was at the round table last night and why....oh why that little fortune cookie kicked off the most rewarding series of events I've had in a very long time.  Curly Girl Designs including Leigh, Amy, Molly and Katie, Michelle Allen, Steve and April of Catching Fireflies, Lisa Kaus, and me.   Yes.  Me.  It was so nice to be at the table listening to conversation about an industry I want to jump off a cliff into.  And I say cliff because that fear factor is still percolating inside me.  I imagine though, the landing would be just fine, I have lots of support now.  But as I told Michelle last night, I just haven't been ready to put on my big girl panties.   There is such a different mind set with building a wholesale line.  And it's one I have pondered since co-owning my own retail shop.  Strength.  It's in me.  And it's a part of this series of events.  I just have to decide now which door I'm going to open, because according to my fortune, now is the time.  Man am I excited about all of this right now. 

So sorry for the long windiness of this post, but I wanted to share....as always this journey is much better when shared with friends.  So thanks for listening.



sydney @ memorable minutes said...

what a wonderful adventure you had. You are definitely going to arrive at your destination!

Nic Hohn said...

Hooray for you! What great Divine timing...good for you for having the courage to send the email in the first place.

gypsysticks said...

Wow! yay for you! isn't it cool to see how God leads us down the path He wants us to be on? best wishes for much future success!

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