I Have A Million Other Things To Do But.....

I just HAD to get these photos I took of my nephew Fielding uploaded and played with in my Camera Bag.  Man, this was a fun thing to do.  I am usually not that good at taking people pics.  I've got taking my paintings and jewelry down to a beautiful science, but people are always either blurry or otherwise just icky looking.  So I called my buddy Suzan today, who is quite the little photographer and said, ok....give me some pointers for people pics.  And well.......let's just say I could have uploaded about 100 for you to see (yes, I am totally bragging).  But I selected my favorites here: 

Of course I had to sneak a pic of my pretty girl in their for you to see as well.  William was too busy being babysitter to Fielding to take strike a pose for me.  Mailey gave me the total Elle model pose.  I am thinking I am in serious trouble.  She is only 8 you know!  Well, it has been a wonderful few days having Molly and her cuteeeeee-patoteeeeee baby here.  And man, is he one that I would love to have around more often.  Always smiling and giggling and talking.  Ahhhhh.......babies......(Now don't get ANY funny ideas.  We are SO NOT having another baby in this house.)

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sydney @ memorable minutes said...

awesome! i need people picture taking pointers for my niece and the twins just born into our family this week!

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