Puffy Heart Reminders

This morning I started my second art camp for the summer.  Saying  I was excited doesn't even quite fit.  The projects are AMAZING!  I could not wait for my munchkins to arrive and get started.  Anyhoooooo...for some reason 2 canceled on me last night and I had 4 no-shows.  Now let me tell ya.  This put me in quite a snit.  You see, unlike a banker with 9-4 paying hours, I have rather sporadic pay periods.  You creative types get where I am going with this? Yep.  No Apple for me right now.  pout.

So tonight I am reminding myself of what I BIG PUFFY HEARTED today.  Because despite the woes-me I did have some yeah moments.

1-  art making all day with very enthusiastic campers ages 5-12:  including plaster sculptures and super big canvas paintings
2-  surprise hello from a friend during camp....always nice
3-  PB&J sandwich for lunch on super soft wheat bread
4-  cruising the fabric aisles while eating #2 and then buying wayyyyy too much of this fabric for projects I am beyond giddy about starting
5-  drinking a cold one with a friend while our little girls ran in the sprinkler on the front lawn, adorable puppies ran circles around each other and big boys play pickle
6-  finished 9 frames for functional art part of upcoming show

So I'll probably be MIA from here until Saturday.  But when I get back I'll have camp love to show and finally all my paintings finished........I'm on 31 and counting!

PS.....I also knocked myself out with my car door, I have NO IDEA how. Seriously.  My right eye is a little twitchy and I am sure to have a shiny bruise on the forehead.  Thank goodness my children came running since husband was is on the golf course. 

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Lori Craig said...

So sorry that happened to you. Go to pre-pay and a strict cancellation policy. You are a professional. Your time is valued. {{Jenni}}

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