Road Trip!

Hey guys!  Well I'm back from my road trip....which was such a great idea.  I tell ya.... nothing better than the open road, sunroof open and MY music blaring.  I thought I'd give you a little photo glimpse of the days and share my finds and thoughts.  So here goes. 

Tuesday I drove to Birmingham to meet my Dad with William.  The plan was for William to stay with Dad at what we are calling "Camp Pawpaw" while Mailey went to church camp all week.  After the exchange I hit the ground running.  First stop, The Naked Art Gallery.  I had to talk with Vero about some of the Solo Show details.  And since we've moved the opening, wanted to see the new space.  (I don't think I've mentioned this yet, more later)

Next stop was out to Tarrant to a community center.  This is a HUGE project that I am 99% sure we are a go on.  I met with the owner Eric who loved my thoughts on how to involve the community in the rather large undertaking.  We are talking at least 12- 36"x48" canvases.  Like I said, HUGE.  I'd be an artist in residence for about 3 days completing the project.  To say I am excited about working with this group is an understatement!

Next stop was to downtown Homewood.  I wanted to check on a new shop carrying my work, Seibels.  I will post a blog just on them later, but here's a glimpse of store happiness.  I could totally camp out here a few days!

So there was a snack break at Savages Bakery before I began my little paparazzi run.  (peti fours, dolphin cookies and double doozie....I didn't eat it all in one sitting of course  Hehehehe...)  I have a few ideas swimming in my head for paintings.  So I drove around Homewood with the window on the van down snapping photos.  It was fun.  I got caught outside one house.  But after explaining my reason, they were like take away!

After the photo run, I was off to see Aimee's new house.  She and Will have done an amazing job of renovating an adorable house in Vestavia.  Then I was off to Mountain Brook to see Suzan and her husband John.  We enjoyed dinner, ice cream (man I ate a lot of calories this day!) and catching up.  So around 10:15PM I pointed my little orange van in the direction of home.  It had been such a productive day  I was literally singing out loud to MY music.  And then it hit me.  I was beyond tired and it was 2.5 hours until I'd hit my bed.  When I reached the Pell City exit the van just went ahead and turned off and pointed towards the lake.  I arrived to find Dad and William passed out asleep in front of the TV.  I borrowed a sleep shirt and toothbrush and joined them into the land of slumber.  You see, I had no intention of staying the night so I had nothing with me.  Waking up at the lake is so refreshing.  We always enjoy coffee on the deck and talk about the days plan.  And I had a plan alright.  I showered, put back on the clothes I came in and hit the road.  Only this time, I pointed the van in the direction of Opelika.

I found some more painting inspirations along the way.  Even got the attention of a rather large dog at one stop.  And got biten by something gigantic at another stop on the hiney....not allergic thank goodness, just itchy now.  On the way into Opelika to the famous Angel's Antique Mall there was a billboard for Harvest Thrift.  Hummmm....yep......Let's turn orange van.  I walked in and the angels started singing.  Literally.  It was a Christan based thrift store and the Christan singers were singing praises.  And I was singing right along.  Giddy actually.  New hot spot for sure.   I got so much fun stuff for my booth at the Flea.  See: 
The find of the day is here.  I can't show it all.  It's a surprise you'll have to just come see for yourself at the Flea.  So today I am getting all the goodies cleaned and priced so tomorrow I can rework the booth.  It's super quiet here in the art studio today.  With lots of ideas to work on and inspiration bountiful!


sydney @ memorable minutes said...

i loved reading this post cause my mom is from b'ham - mountain brook. and i knew all the places you are talking about. i still have family there and every time i go i always want to go to the fun stores in homewood!

Dianne said...

Such a great post... and it looked like so much fun!

Suzanne said...

Wow! What a trip! And you certainly have a lot on your plate. Can't wait to see what you put into that artist in residence space.

Ashley Boccuti said...

Jenni, the next time you're at Angel's, come by Resurrect next door and see if I'm working! If I am, it would be so fun to see you!
~Ashley <3

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