Time for Rest

Yesterday was exhausting.  Both mentally and physically.  And today I am dreaming of painting myself into this painting here:

Man I love this composition.  It calls to me to relax, take time for family (there are two chairs there) and refocus.  After the news yesterday I decided to pack everything I've worked on away.  Out of sight type of mentality.  Today I've cleaned the house and am now relaxing in the art studio doing the most mundane of tasks possible.....cutting beads off their strings and placing them into compartments in a tackle box.  Yep.  Mundane.    Next up will be darkening bezels and charms.  After that.....well I am sure the swimming pool will be calling my name.  Maybe with a margarita or two.  Because right now, I am feeling really sorry for myself.  And no one can really take that away or heal it.  Just time.  Of course the beach would help too.  And thank goodness for small favors.  We booked our vacation for the end of the summer this year on purpose....the thought process then was that I'd be done with Solo Show work and could finally relax.  Well, this relaxing is two fold now, and very much needed. 

So I'll be offline for the rest of the week.  I don't even have a cell phone, it got wet at the pool yesterday and I had to order a new one!  Talk about being totally cut off.  But I'll be back next Monday all refreshed and excited about new projects I'm working on.  Here's a hint:  in the car I HAVE to be working on something.  This past weekend I picked up embroidery.  Yep.  Loving it.  Again, small blessing in disguise.  I still believe everything happens for a reason and that in the end my show moving will reveal a bigger purpose. 

Hope you all have a wonderful, creative week!


Ludid said...

a bright window will open up for sure in time i am sure. take care and enjoy your time off.

Dianne said...

Very cute painting!

Jo Wholohan said...

stoppying by via flying lessons to take a peep, LOVE your banner :)) Love the feel your painting have, just wonderful xx

gypsysticks said...

sorry to hear about the show. you're right. God will reveal a new plan to you ... in the mean time, enjoy your time at the beach, pool, wherever you may be.
blessings and happiness ...
=) athena

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