Dreaming in Color

Last night I slept amazing. Seriously.  I have no idea what I did to deserve that night's sleep, but man it was good.  I am pretty sure my dreams had their own dreams.  So tonight I'll probably have a normal night, which really you don't want to know about....  This painting I am almost finished up with and since I'm talking about dreaming thought I'd share it with you!.

Stamped along the bottom is this, "i always dream in color.....it just happens to have a white picket fence".  It's funny that I still associate the "picture perfect" life to contain a white picket fence.  I'm standing next to Billy and we are holding our two precious children.  Lily of course is wagging her tail beside us both.  And there are plenty of daisies in full bloom.  I'm not so sure I'd want to ever paint a white picket fence for real, this happy fence is made from old library cards.  But it's such a happy thought in my little creative head.  So tell me, what's in your "picture perfect" life?


sydney @ memorable minutes said...

i adore this painting. i don't know what's in my perfect life, but i think it entails a job, be it "real" or otherwise. ;)

gypsysticks said...

my picture perfect life would have us living in some amazingly cute cottage somewhere on a lake where there is no winter, lots of time to paint and knit, my amazingly patient man by my side, and 3 freshly wet, tan children and a dog sharing popsicles on the shore.

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