My Feet and Other Things

I hope you guys had a fabulous 4th of July weekend!  As stated in my last post, I was a bit of a veggie chick on Saturday.  I suppose I was mentally preparing for the next 3 whirly days....wanna know what I was up to and why I've neglected this favorite little spot of mine here?  Well here goes anyhoo.......

-had a cookout with my best friend from childhood, Miss Amy, who came down from Nashville with two of her 3 boys to see our small town fireworks display Sunday
-took a trip to IKEA on July 5th with Miss Amy (OK seriously, it was like an international airport on Christmas Day in that darn place)  BTW my SUPER GREAT husband watched ALL the kids while we did this.  xoxo
-also made a trip to my favorite art supply store in Atlanta and did some outdoor shopping at Atlantic Station
-enjoyed dinner on the patio at our favorite pizzeria with Amy and all the kiddos
-sorta enjoyed a grueling work-out with Kathleen since I may have mentioned that dinner this morning
-really enjoyed watching all our kiddos play together non-stop and even included Mailey in the baseball games while Amy visited the Atlanta Mart for some things for her business
-met Amy at The Varsity with all the kiddos and ate....well..... you really don't want to know that and I really don't want Kathleen to know about it! 
-got home and plastered 15 new heart sculptures and some small wishing hearts outside while listening to the Ipod
-took a nap with sweet Lily
-and now I'm here.  Ahhhhh......Hoping that my energy will spread to you and encourage you to spend time with friends, eat yummy fattening foods, hit the gym, and then paint!  HA!

So, about the painting above.   I've been trying to use some of my own thoughts in my newer paintings.  And this one is mine......being a leader is something I kind of like.  OK.  really like.  But with this role I have to continually be mindful of my words and actions.  And sometimes that's hard.  I've totally got the "foot-in-mouth" thing down to a science.  And although some may think what a terrible thing to be admitting to....really, if you think about it, saying what comes to your mind means you are sharing the most honest, sincere and authentic parts of yourself.   I do not have meanness behind my words, maybe some naivety, but not meanness.  Yep.  I am totally the one that's going to tell you when something is in your teeth, or better yet that they are a lovely shade of blue because you've just eaten a blue icey.  But seriously, wouldn't you rather hear the truth?  I know I would.  So I'll take my role, and my foot.  Besides, right now my toes are sporting an adorable pedicure complete with flags. 


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