In junk stores, antique stores and thrifty stores I am VERY drawn to this type of appliqued items:

I have absolutely no idea what the official applique technique is called.  It comes in many forms including pillows, wall hangings, clocks, etc. at very affordable prices.  While cruising through some magazines the other day I saw an idea where the artist took a cross-stitched piece, placed it in a bezel pendant and made a necklace out of it.  AH HA!  And the idea started brewing.  And this is the outcome:

This was not an easy thing to make.  Had I kept the article about how they placed the fabric goody into the bezel I might had faired a little better, but alas, I have no idea what magazine it was in and most likely it's still at Barnes and Noble.  After two failed attempts I was able to snugly fit this little piece of sweet applique into the bezel.  I then chain link connected some peachy beads, added the black chain and voila!  A fun new accessory for my jewelry drawer.  Yep.  I am really bad about making something and wearing it a bit before deciding to mass produce.  Feedback is everything for me when making jewelry.   See below the necklace on the left?

I know, it's really pretty.........still wearing it myself and keeping it in view to remind me that others just might be willing to buy and wear one too!  I'll keep you posted if they find their way to my etsy shop.

BTW, been painting away here.  Normally this is a very busy time for our family (being political and all on an election year).  But we've got a puny kiddo so I got to use that excuse to stay home and catch up!  It has been such a wonderful day......watch a movie, paint, watch a movie, make jewelry, watch a movie, blog.....yep.  Billy just went to get steaks and salad.  So next up....movie, dinner, movie.  How about you?


Dianne said...

Me? I've been looking for a new car... The embroidery piece looks like crewel tom me. I used to do it when I was a teenager. The necklaces are so pretty... and I wear mine too... Actually, I get a lot of sales that way...

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

i love your work so much, and that necklace is no exception. I can only imagine the time it took. About to have a family dinner with my niece. have a great holiday!

K M Steddum said...

The embroidery with wool yarn is called crewel embroidery or crewelwork. I love it too. --K

gypsysticks said...

what a beautiful idea! we spent the 4th with my family in Ky -- swam in the lake, fished, watched fireworks -- couldn't have been better.

Kerri said...

that necklace is really unique- turned out so nice! :)

Mike said...

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