Bike JOY

So here's a sneek peek at the project finished by one of my two K classes at the Trinity School for their art auction.....oh man is it cute!  I may have to go and bid on it myself.  :)  Or perhaps I should work on one with with my own two children?

So how'd we do this you ask?  There were like 19 kiddos involved in helping to make this bike super lively!  Well, I painted the wood with my favorite black gesso then drew the bike out with chalk.  The kids came in groups of three to paint one area each of the canvas.  I then took the paintings home to dry and frame.  Literally all I did to "fix" them was wipe away the chalk lines and add the doolally lines along the grass line.  Looking at the finished product made me realize that perhaps I need to loosen up a tad with my own paint brush!

Oh, and in case you are wondering what this is all about, it's for the Trinity School Spotlight on Art annual show and auction.  Artists are paired with classes to complete a painting to auction off.  It's the goal for the junior artists to work in the same style and theme as the artist usually paints.  So it would not have been cool for me to show up and paint a chicken or a human.  Right?  And kindergarten kiddos love a bike.  And so do I! 

By the way, vacation is going great.  Except....well I did have to paint a custom painting for someone.  It was kind of important.  I'll show you pics Friday when it's all dry and done.  :)

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