Life's A Balancing Act

This is an old little painting that I just love.  In fact, I've added it to many of my printed items this season because of the colors.  It's entitled, "Balancing Act".  And today, well life is feeling like one giant juggling game. 
I'm currently sitting in the Goodyear shop having some routine work done on my orangey van.  It's funny, as I've made the list of things to do for the week I can't help but giggle at the mundaness of it all!  Grocery, dentist, school volunteer, plant the bushes I brought, spread pine straw, dry cleaners, bank, gym, puppet show, birthday party, luncheon.  Yep, pretty much looks like a suburban housewife's list of things to do.  Cracking myself up.  Show season is over, the studio is cleaned, the house is decorated for Christmas, our Christmas shopping is done, and well....I really have nothing pressing on my agenda.  Wow.  Life is such an act of balancing this and that.  Since August I have literally had to balance shows, teaching 3 days a week, volunteer jobs, Mommy jobs, wife jobs, getting myself out there in cyberworld, and more.  Now, with 19 days until Christmas I can actually step back, look around and enjoy this last month of the year 2010.   Yep.  Folks I'm taking a vacation (from creating that is).  You'll see me here and there on the blog of course.  I've got a few more things up my sleeve for 2010.  But otherwise I am going to take some time to recharge and re balance my creative little life!

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nacherluver said...

Love the piece! Great color. Happy feeling. Makes balancing life look possible!

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