The Great Etsy Shop Update!

Ok blog friends, I finally took the hours needed to size and upload many new items into my etsy shop.  It feels SO GOOD to have it done!!  I am thinking if you place your order ASAP I can get the items into the mail and hopefully to you before Christmas.  Fingers crossed anyhoo.  So now available are hardboard tiles and stands:

statement necklaces:
I also wanted to say thanks to all of you for your continued support throughout the year.  I know you are reading, my stat counter tells me so, and it makes my heart so full knowing that you are there.  It's like I have  a thousand friends I've never even met.  Super cool.


Anne said...

Just wanted to let you know that your blog and your artwork are lovely! I saw you on Kelly Rae's blog and am so glad that I did!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I love the key chain. Your necklaces are awesome!!

Suzanne said...

I love those necklaces. How are you getting your artwork on those tiny medallions?

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