It's Party Time!

I am in awe that 2010 is nearing an end.  A crazy word to use....but seriously where did it go...amazing.  We say that every year I suppose around the holidays.  I found pictures of William's first Christmas recently where he was a mere 11 months old.  So innocent, had no idea what the fuss was all about, and certainly didn't ask for a thing.  Since that first year we've tried to create traditions with our family, ones that hopefully they will carry on with their own families.  William is 10 now and I am holding on to every last morsel of hope that he still "believes."   

Today our family is heading to LA....That's Lower Alabama folks.  Where the weather is warmer and southern comfort food is always a staple.  It's my Nephew Fielding's 1st Birthday!  And if Christmas wasn't enough to celebrate this month, this little man brings even more joy to the table of celebration Saturday.  We'll be tearing into fabulous presents with my Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Fielding and us!   My kids are beside themselves.   Love this part.  Like BIG PUFFY heart this part.
Oh, and I just HAVE to show off how super duper cute he is.  Man.  Didn't know I could love something so much outside my 3 little sets of legs.  Well, make that two little sets and one big set.  And perhaps 20 furry ones.  But you get the idea, right?  Love has this way of creeping into your body, not just your heart because man you can feel it in your bones sometimes.  During this time of year overwhelming joy, happiness and LOVE abounds in our family.  I hope it does yours too. 
PS.......just in case, I'm sending puffy hearts your way to use any way you like.

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nacherluver said...

This art piece is fabulous! So vibrant. Makes me feel excitement, happiness, celebration.
That nephew of yours sure is a cutie!

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