Tiles and Excitement

Last week and into this has been one of those "A-HA" exciting moments for me.  I've done tiles, framed and unframed for a couple of years now.  But this is the first time doing them totally in my own house with my own press.  It was really cool.  And very productive (I didn't mess one up!).  The results exceeded my expectations.  I really can not wait to share all the new products this weekend at Apple Annie's.
In fact, I am a little over the top about this weekend.  You see, it's a new show for me.  And new means exciting and scary and nerve wracking and anxious and wilisell and willtheylikeme emotions all bound into one ball for me!  So there.  Yep.  I said it, I am nervous.  And I am sure I've been driving a few friends crazy with all my new ideas (wink..wink..) and set up ideas and booth display frenzies.    Love you guys!!
I just can't help it!  This newness is what I needed to spark a fire in my creative bones and make me over the top excited again about my images.  You see, this weekend I'll be showing my work to potentially 6,000 new Mattie buyers.  6,000 people!!  Wow I know!!  So you see why I am over the moon and back again happy?
Ok.  So I need to slow down a twinge and focus.  When you are reading this I'll actually be setting up already.  So send some love my way.....even send yourself.  Because this show is ALL day Friday and until 2 on Saturday. 

And never fear, those of you who are far far away, I plan to spend hours next week in my PJ's uploading everything into my ETSY shop that doesn't sell while catching up on many sappy girl movies.   Have a lovely weekend ya'll!  I'll be back Monday with some pictures of my corner booth (I know....another exciting element to the show!!) and a tale or two I'm sure!


Dianne said...

Good luck! You'll do fine and they will like you! How could they not?

artteachergirl said...

Your images are wonderful so no worries, You!
The artist in me wants to know more about your press and creating those tiles...when you have a slow day show the process...I'm interested. Silk screening like process?
Have a wonderful show...corner booths pay off:-)

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