"No, Not anything Out of the Ordinary Doc"

For exactly 10 days now I've been experiencing the worst case of sciatic nerve angst since Mailey was in my belly (she thought it was super fun to play on it like a trampoline).  Oh man, it's ridiculous pain.  What triggered it?  Well,  I am determined to get my mile run under 10 minutes.  So last Monday I pushed the button on the treadmill until I was able to maintain that consistent 8.5 min. mile.  Yep.  Nearly died, but loved every minute anyways.  You know the feeling?  On Tuesday while working out with Kathleen I was complaining that my lower back was tingly feeling.  Maybe I needed new tennis shoes?  By Thursday I was laid up on the couch with a heating pad, and shaking it hurt so bad.  But life must go on.  This Monday, one week after my intial flare up as I lovingly call them, I decided to do this:
Today I gave up and called Dr. Warren.  Dang it.  He asked what was up with my back.  Had I done anything lately to possibly cause the flare up...any falling....anything out of the ordinary?  Yeah.  Nope nothing out of the ordinary at all comes to mind.  But it did start after I ran on the treadmill last week.   I am sure that's it.  Sure. 
Just wanted you guys to see how far up I was.  Above is a picture from far back, and a few years back.  I should have had Mike take the picture of me painting a little further back.  He did all the rolling I did all the edging.  There was no way I could roll, but brushing was fine.  To get to the top moulding I had to climb the ladder and then onto the very sturdy yellow bookcase.   This is a little...I mean BIG project we are working on in the house.  Painting is just a tiny part of the transformation.  I can't show the color yet, thus why you are getting black and whites....but it's going to be super great when it's all done. 

Well, off to try and start putting stuff back where it belongs.   Take care guys!


nacherluver said...

Oh gosh! I thought my breath was being taken away! That is EXACTLY how I have always pictured my dream office/studio/personal space! The windows, the views (only in my imagination it's second floor overlooking my gardens). Sigh.
How very dreamy. I'm glad you have such a beautiful space.

beckybowman said...

Hi Jenn -

I've been following for a while but haven't commented yet. Can't wait to see the color of your "fabulous" studio".

Sounds like you may have a tight piriformis muscle. When it's too tight it can press down on that dang sciatica nerve.. Google piriformis stretches. It may help.

Happy Painting! Love your Blog!


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