"raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"

Maybe it's because Mailey has been watching The Sound of Music a lot lately, or just that my happy juices are in over drive this holiday season....but I have a few favorite things to share today!  We are just bubbling over this holiday, ALL of us.  My husband is being super secret about something he's doing and the kids are getting HUGE fun gifts that are secretly stashed at our neighbor's house, which is making her giddy.  This year the kids are getting less, but they are over the top!!  And the best part for me about the entire holiday, everyone is coming to OUR house for dinner.  I can't tell you how exciting this is for me.   Seriously it means more than any gift I'll be receiving.  So, on to my whiskers..... 

I can not get enough of this painting.  I don't know how I got all those colors into the composition without it looking messy.  This is a inspiration piece for the future painting series I'll be starting after Christmas.
The direction of my creative business is a huge "bright colored package tied up with string".  From the new logo to branching out and advertising .  I am really looking forward to 2011 and the ideas going forward!

And of course, a favorite spot.  I look forward to showing you the "new" look after the holidays.  It's amazing how having a place for spreading your creative joy comes into play.  I simply can not think straight when this room is out of order.  And right now, it is in impeccable order and my lists have been started so I can hit the ground running when school gets back in session.

So, a few other favorite things right now:
-my camera bag app for PC.  It's how I get the super cool pictures of my pictures.  :)
-this adorable book for sewing....i am a closet sewer, you'll probably never see me sell anything but birdies, but I sew a lot of stuff.  lots....
-everything in this etsy shop....hint, hint, I am creating a softer jewelry line for 2011 and many pieces came from this shop!!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday week!   And I'd love to hear what a few of your favorite things are.....when that bee stings what do you simply remember?


Ludid said...

a favorite right now are the color of your studio walls. we moved into our new home in july. i need to convince my husband to let me paint the walls in my art room. and the sound of music is playing over and over in my neck of the woods. happy holidays.

hsp said...

Every time I look at the above painting "You grew in my heart," I can't help but be overcome with emotion. It touches me in a place I can only articulate with tears! Thank you for sharing it with me. Merry Christmas!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

I knit during this break from preparing a holiday trunk show and family holiday activities. But I'm not getting much knitting completed because I am surfing and dreaming through this wonderful site that I am slow to discover!

Carmen said...

Les teves pintures d'ocells són màgiques. Hi són ací però no hi són. M'agraden molt.

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