Christmas Happy

I wanted to show off a little Christmas "Happy" I received this weekend from my little sister Molly:

The potter who made this adorable cream and sugar had a tent at the Country Living Fair we attended together in the fall.  I fell in LOVE with her work, ALL of it.....wonder why?  Molly loved her jewelry.  Wanna know something funny?  Well, this past weekend I gave Molly a piece of her pottery jewelry for Christmas, and she gave me this.  Oh boy was I tickled.  And it looks amazing in my almost remodeled  kitchen.  :)  By the way, the potter is Tasha McKelvey.  Head on over to her lovely little site and see why I may become a new "collector" of her work. (this is a puffy heart moment)


Mechelle said...

Her work is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Beth HF said...

Ohhh...I too will become a collector!
Your post at my blog was so funny and touching. Let's meet up halfway at something arty in North Carolina. Some art retreat-I think I heard that Squam does an Outer Banks retreat. I am due for something like that! Possibilities-is NC halfway?

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