What A Find!

Just wanted to show off a thrift store score!  When I saw this box amongst all the Christmas gone bad on the shelf I nearly fell over trying to get to it.  I mean look....original cardboard box with amazing graphics and  it's written twice that they are American made.  I bet there are very few ornaments made in America now except the ones we make, with foreign parts though!  Then to open the lid and find ALL 12 ornaments in perfect condition and the most amazing Tiffany blue color....it was a yipppppeee moment for sure.  And the little yellow sticker on the box said, $3.  Yep.  Wallet breaking day I tell ya!
I'll show you how I'm using them later in the week or so.  Right now the area they are in is under construction.  So what's been your favorite find for the season? 


Ludid said...

nice. i went to a goodwill store last week and found the same, but in blue. all for .99. certainly made my day. we are shopping in the right places for sure. happy holidays.

artteachergirl said...

My favorite find of the season is what you found:-) I want those too!!!! Beeeeauuuutiful! Think I'll head to GW soon!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Yes, that is a great find!!

Debra Lynn Mejia said...

Amazing! I would love to find something like that.

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